Our Chef

Chef Daniel Ken

Born in São Paulo, Daniel Ken officially began his career at 17, but grew up around pans from 3 generations of Japanese chefs. Throughout his career Daniel has worked at the most respected Japanese restaurants in Brazil. Expanding on his knowledge and skills, he’s had the opportunity to work abroad in both Italy and Japan. While living in Japan he deepened his knowledge and understanding of the true essence of Japanese cuisine. Inspired by his International travels, Daniel likes to include in his creations both Latin and Western ingredients creating a new infusion style of Japanese cooking. Following the essence of “Shibui” where simple is perfect, where less is more.

Chef Daniel joined the Blowfish team in Spring 2016 revamping the menu with his Japanese-Brazilian fusion cuisine. From his new style nigiri to his spicy ceviche, Daniel has elevated the Blowfish menu offerings to a new level.