nigiri + sashimi

tamago sweet egg omelette 5

lotus root 5

shitake mushroom 6

binnaga-maguro albacore 7

ika squid 8

ebi tiger shrimp 8

sake salmon 8

sake harasu salmon belly 9

hotate scallop 10

hirame flounder 10

maguro tuna 10

unagi freshwater eel 10

hamachi yellowtail 10

hamachi harasu yellowtail belly 11

ikura salmon roe 12

foie gras tuna 18

taraba kani king crab 18

blowfish makimono

sweet potato tempura roll 10
with shitake, avocado, shiso, green onions, gari, soy mirin

lentil mash on crispy rice 10
with caramelized onion, yuzu kosho, jalapeño

spicy tuna 13
negi, spicy kewpie, tempura bits

battera (box sushi) 13
masago, salmon, tabasco, negi, sesame and tempura bits

coconut bay 14
coconut battered shrimp, cucumber, frisée,
spicy kewpie

red hot curry salmon 14
oven baked spicy salmon, mango, cucumber, lettuce
pine nuts, tobiko, sesame seed, japanese
7-spice, curry drizzle

truffle albacore 18
tiger shrimp +avocado; topped with a garlic chip
+ truffle oil drizzle

spicy tuna on crispy sushi rice 18
topped with jalapeño

jalapeño hamachi 18
with avocado, tempura bits, golden tobiko+ sriracha kewpie

spicy tuna with rock shrimp 19
black sesame seed, hot garlic kewpie
tossed rock shrimp tempura

salmon king crab 22
with mango, basil, green onion, housemade kewpie


sweet potato 6 pieces 4
asparagus 6 pieces 6
tiger shrimp 3 pieces 9
shiso shiromi white fish with ponzu 2 pieces 11


white rice 4
brown rice 5
edamame 5
brussel sprout 9
with pancetta; toasted with shichimi togarashi + hatcho miso hoisin vinaigrette

soup + salad

miso soup 5
with wakame, enoki, tofu and negi

baby kale + arugula salad 12 
with red + golden beet, chick pea, blowfish citrus dressing

cucumber + swiss chard salad 12
with grilled oyster mushroom ,truffle oil, micro cilantro, jalapeño watercress dressing

Small Plate

blowfish baby ebi shooter 7
tiger shrimp, mango, avocado, cucumber, lettuce,
tempura bits, spicy kewpie, tobiko; wrapped with
soy paper

crispy crab, shrimp + scallop springroll 8

mochiko crusted chicken 8
with spicy daikon ponzu

lotus-steamed lobster + shrimp dumpling 8
with spicy tobanjan sauce

one-bite wagyu gyoza 10
pan-seared dumpling stuffed with wagyu, black fungus, ginger +preserved spicy vegetable; served with balsamic basil dip

spicy rock shrimp 12
tempura style, tossed in hot garlic kewpie sauce

hot plate

fried rice biro-biro 12
with chick pea, kimchi, parsley, onion, egg, oyster mushroom and crispy sweet potato

crispy tofu 14
with asian eggplant, zucchini, oyster mushroom, wok- tossed in housemade chilli sauce

pan seared wild sea scallops 18
with shiso chimichurri

panko-crusted chicken breast 19
with three-mustard miso sauce

canadian AAA striploin 22
with basilica chimichurri+teriyaki sauces, crispy farofa purple shiso

roasted miso-marinated black cod 26
with egg miso

moqueca seafood 30
salmon, shrimp, scallop, shitake, bell pepper, red onion, edamame, in yuzu coconut-dashi urucum broth

japanese A4 wagyu striploin 55
on hot stone with enoki, negi + sesame & ponzu dips   

*Menu & pricing subject to change without notice.

cold plate

blowfish giant ebi shooter 14
tiger prawn, mango, avocado, cucumber, lettuce,
tempura bits, spicy kewpie, tobiko; wrapped with
soy paper

salmon pizza 15
with jalapeño, cherry tomato, olives, micro cilantro, red onion, tabasco and anchovy aioli

hot oil hamachi 18
sesame + olive oil seared yellowtail with ponzu

tuna tartare 20
masago, quail egg, red and green onions, yuzu miso wasabi dressing, tabasco, micro leaves, lotus chip

king crab taco 20
mango, sweet corn, japanese guacamole, micro cilantro