black tea 18
mount gay black barrel rum, aperol, black tea ginger honey syrup, lime juice

caribou crossing 18
tito’s vodka, cointreau, lime juice,grapefruit bitters, jalepeno black pepper grapefruit syrup, yuzu, fresh grapefruit juice

pomegranate saketiniv 18
pomegranate sake, mount gay silver rum, prosecco, fresh pomegranate and pineapple juices

autumn fantasia 18
tito’s vodka, cointreau, cinnamon syrup, lime juice, ginger beer

ginger lemongrass 20
botanist gin, lemongrass syrup, lime + ginger juices, orange juniper bitters

tequila dreamer 20
tromba tequila blanco, cointreau, calamansi honey syrup, yuzu + grapefruit juices, orange juniper bitters

cognac sour 23
remy martin vsop, clove syrup, lemon juice, jerry thomas bitters


traditional 13/5oz – 35/14oz – 60/bottle
premium junmai style with fruity notes & a firm, classic japanese structure

yuzu 13/5oz – 35/14oz – 60/bottle
traditional infused with the bright, citrus notes of the japanese yuzu fruit

pomegranate 13/5oz – 35/14oz – 60/bottle
traditional infused with natural pomegranate and a touch of lime for a flavourful yet refreshing style

peach nigori 13/5oz – 35/14oz – 60/bottle
lush, creamy unfiltered sake infused with natural peach nectar

junmai nigori, ‘snow maiden’’ 15/5oz – 43/14oz – 70/bottle
tosai, kyoto, japan
bright + fresh aromas of both rice + fruit. solid + creamy in the mouth, with a lovely mellowness on the palate. pleasant + dry finis

junmai ginjo genshu, ‘g’ 21/5oz – 58/14oz – 100/bottle
sakeone, forest grove, oregon
undiluted sake; full fruity nose with hints of spices gives way to rich + creamy layers of ripe melon flavour with hints of pear + plum, followed by a long and lingering tropical spice finish

junmai nigori genshu 22/5oz – 60/14oz – 102/bottle
murai, aomori, japan
unfiltered & undiluted sake; antique style, smooth and creamy with confectionery aromas, a sweet and milky entry with rich rice flavour, hints of pineapple, coconut and vanilla

junmai ginjo, ‘mountain man’ 24/5oz – 65/14oz
otokoyama, kokkaido, japan
smooth but rich; quiet grain-like aroma with hints of fruits; very dry full-bodied taste sake; refreshing lightness with vivid acidity

tokubetsu honjozo 26/5oz – 72/14oz – 122/bottle
murai, aomori, japan
layered herbal notes with anise highlights, clean and complex with an incredible amount of aroma and flavour to explore

junmai daiginjo ‘demon slayer’ 29/5oz – 83/14oz – 140/bottle
wakatake, shizuoka, japan
beautifully round and alluring sake with silky texture; deep taste and slight sweetness stemming from its elegant
fruity aroma and superb acidity


shiraz earthworks, barossa valley, australia 2014 13/5oz – 64/bottle

pinot noir butterfield station, california 2015 13/5oz – 64/bottle

cabernet sauvignon trim, california 2013 15/5oz – 71/bottle

grenache/syrah/mourvedre ac cotes du rhone, les abeilles, jean-luc colombo, france 2013 13/5oz – 64/bottle


two hands sexy beast, mclaren vale, australia 2015 98/bottle

edge napa valley, california 2013 115/bottle


two hands angels’ share, mclaren vale, australia 2014 98/bottle


miyasaka masumi karakuchi kiippon 110/bottle
nagano, japan
rice: nagano rice (mostly miyami nishiki), from one of the most revered sake houses in japan, this light, fragrant sake is one of the central pillars of the masumi brand. balanced acidity and a fragrance reminiscent of young fuji apples. a superbly balanced dry sake

rihaku ‘origin of purity’ 140/bottle
shimane, japan
rice: omachi; expressive aromas of kiwi and lychee, cream soda and black licorice with herbaceous hint on the palate, silky full-bodied with impeccable balance and a lengthy finish

higashiyama ‘pearls of simplicity’ 145/bottle
kyoto, japan
rice: yamadanishiki;aromas of anise, banana, and a hint of sweet rice are complex; these same flavours come rushing through the full bodied palate followed by a pleasantly long and clean finish

doi shuzo ‘soul of the sensei’ 180/bottle
shizuoka, japan
rice: yamadanishiki; aromas of clean honeydew rind, grainy rice with a touch of earth. the impact on the palate is soft and rich but not cloying. a gentle sweetness envelops the tongue while the clean, high-strung acidity does the work. it has loads of body but is able to maintain tightness and structure. while spicy honeydew and dry anise dominate up front, the finish is dry with good spicy white pepper and jasmine notes

yoshinogawa ‘goku-jo’ 110/bottle
niigata, japan
rice: gohyakumangoku; crisp fennel aroma infuses your senses as a flight of fresh herbs dances across your tongue. the full-bodied, tongue-wrapping smoothness carries through each sip and lingers

higashiyama ‘tears of dawn’ 145/bottle
kyoto, japan
rice: yamadanishiki;aromas of anise, banana, and a hint of sweet rice are complex; these same flavours come rushing through the full bodied palate followed by a pleasantly long and clean finish


sauvignon blanc lillypilly, riverina, australia 2015 15/6oz – 57/bottle

pinot grigio igt delle venezie, gerardo cesari, veneto-friuli-trentino, italy 2015 15/6oz – 57/bottle

chardonnay cypress vineyards, central coast, california 2015 12/5oz – 57/bottle

riesling ac alsace, domaine paul zinck, france 2015 15/5oz – 71/bottle


la crema sonoma coast, california 2014 98/bottle

vasse felix margaret river, australia 2013 98/bottle

merryvale starmont, napa valley, california 2012 115/bottle


cloudy bay marlborough, new zealand 2015 98/bottle

joseph mellot la chatellenie, ac sancerre, loire valley, france 2013 105/bottle

champagne & sparkling wine

prosecco vino spumante v.s.a.d brut, cantina produttori cormons, italy 15/5oz – 65/bottle

brut veuve clique-ponsardin nv 150/bottle

rosà brut veuve cliquot-ponsardin nv 185/bottle

dom perignon 2004 475/bottle

*Menu & pricing subject to change without notice.